Our self-image

Show presence and make it visible

  • We are pleased that the association AFS Intercultural Encounters eV is adding the German version of the AFS policy statement has decided on the point of sexual identity.
  • We are represented with information stands at many AFS events.
  • We would be happy to send you our information material for your events. This includes postcards, flyers for program participation, flyers for volunteers or our buttons. Just take Contact us with us.

Educate and raise awareness

  • We have put together a queer game collection that is used in the areas of further education at all levels in the club. If you would like to know more about what the collection contains, how it is used and what it is all about, please contact us!
  • We offer workshops on queer game collections for multipliers at AFS events for further training.
  • Building the website is an important part of our commitment. In this way we can provide answers to questions on the subject.

Be approachable and responsible

  • We see ourselves as contact persons for all areas of program work in international student exchanges and voluntary service. We are active people of different ages with a wide range of experience.
  • We feel responsible for questions about gender and sexual diversity and intercultural exchange.