About QueerExchange

Who or what is Queer Swap?

QueerTausch is a group of volunteers and full-time employees at AFS Interkulturelle Treffen eV, which deals with topics related to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in student exchanges and in international volunteer service programs.

QueerTausch sees itself as a mouthpiece, wants to be present, make alternative family and life forms visible, encourage an open approach to the topic and work to ensure that queer becomes a matter of course - also internationally!

Why is there queer swap?

Homosexual host children or host parents, homosexual, bisexual and transident people among the volunteers or in the office - all of this is already part of the German diversity of life! Unfortunately, tolerant and respectful interaction on many levels - also internationally - is not yet a matter of course.

How does this work?

QueerTausch gets involved, clarifies with the help of workshops and information stands and raises awareness of different perspectives so that fear of contact and uncertainties in dealing with one another can be reduced. Sometimes there are aha moments and one or the other time pennies or even stones fall from the heart!
We at QueerTausch are approachable! We answer questions, find regional contact persons if necessary, help with difficulties in mutual understanding and feel responsible when people reach their limits because something is presented as 'queer'.