Experience in intercultural exchange

We received and collected a number of experience reports over the past few years. We are currently working on a new presentation of the articles, which will soon be available here.

Nevertheless, there are many current reports that we shared on our Instagram profile on the occasion of QueerExchange's tenth anniversary. You can get an impression there: QueerExchange on Instagram.

If you want more detailed reports that you can't find there, you can contact us and we'll see what we can do for your specific question.

For our work, we are always looking for reports from queer people who have done a longer school exchange or volunteer service or were host families.

We would also like possibly to use these reports as training material with your consent.

The following questions can serve as suggestions:

  • When and where were you abroad?
  • When you applied, did you already know that you are lesbian, gay, queer, bi-, pan- or asexual and/or trans, intersex or non-binary?
  • Was your sexual orientation or gender identity an issue for you during your stay abroad?

Of course, the reports can be anonymised on request. If you have any questions, just Get in touch ..