QueerTausch was founded in 2010 by volunteers and full-time employees within AFS Germany . Since then we've been supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual and pansexual as well as trans, intersex and non-binary people in student exchanges and in international voluntary services - in all non-profit exchange organizations.

Queer people are part of the German and international diversity of life and their identity and needs must be respected and taken into account. For program participants, host families, volunteers and full-time employees in the office, we are always available for questions, advice and assistance.

In addition, we raise awareness through workshops and training courses at internal and external events and offer multiplier training courses.


  • Update der Extrablätter
    Wir haben unsere Extrablätter für trans* Teilnehmende und ihre Gastfamilien aktualisiert. Es gibt je ein Extrablatt für die Gastfamilien, trans* Teilnehmende im Sending und trans* Teilnehmende im Hosting. Zu finden sind sie alle hier. Die Extrablätter für Ehren- und Hauptamtliche von AFS (und anderen Organisationen) stehen im Downloadbereich von afser.de.
  • We are celebrating a birthday
    Happy Birthday to us - QueerTausch has been around for 10 years! Our big birthday party unfortunately had to be canceled, but we have recorded in a nice little notebook what we have tackled in a decade.
  • Scholarship for LGBT * youth
    Do you urgently need a change of scenery? No problem, apply to AFS Intercultural Encounters for the rainbow scholarship.
  • QueerExchange
    We recently moved our website and the english and spanish version will follow as well. So this part is under construction and will be updated soon. You can find the main information below, if you need more just sent us a message!
  • We won!
    In January 2020, the campaign alliance against homophobia starts the competition LOVE = LOVE - competition for queer diversity. Projects were sought for more acceptance, respect and appreciation in dealing with sexual and gender diversity.
  • AFS @ World Pride
    Numerous AFSers * inside, former participants, full-time employees and volunteers traveled together through the Big Apple at WorldPride 2019.